Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray kit contains the following:


  • 2x Bottles of 10mg Melanotan 2
  • 2x 5ml Ampoule Of Sterile Water
  • 1x Nasal spray bottle
  • 1x Mixing syringe
  • 2x Alcohol swabs

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Melanotan 2 Nasal spray – a great alternative to injections

Nasal spray fits perfectly for people who dislike injections or just don't like the idea of painful skin penetrations. The spray, however, is only about 30-40% as effective when compared to injection. We make up for that by selling Melanotan 2 nasal spray in packs that contain two bottles with 10 mg of spray each. The standard dosage is two sprays every two days.

The benefits of Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray

The result of nasal spray becomes visible in a short time. That is usually, within a month. This form of Melanotan removes side effects such as bruised skin from injections. Feeling a little dizzy after spraying, can be a result of high dosage or improper mixing. Reduce the dosage and give your body a little more time to adapt. 

How to mix Melanotan Nasal spray?

Melanotan 2 nasal spray is sold in its unmixed state if you buy it from LoveMelanotan. After properly combining all the contents of the pack, it has to be stored in a fridge. Keeping it anywhere else for more than four weeks would affect its potency.

  • Open the bottle with Melanotan then clean the top using alcohol swab
  • Open the sterile water ampoule and fill the syringe to the maximum.
  • Stick the syringe into the Melanotan bottle then push the water into it.
  • Do the last two steps again.
  • Gently swirl your Melanotan 2 bottle after filling it with water.
  • Do the same with the second Melanotan 2 bottle.
  • Using the syringe take the mixture out of those vials then carefully place it into the nasal spray bottle.
  • Open the second sterile water ampoule and using the syringe place all of it into the nasal spray bottle.

Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray dosage: 2 sprays once per day.

Number of doses per kit: 20 days worth of mix to use once a day. Use 2 sprays twice a day to achieve faster results.

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08 Jun 2023 Fab 5 Hey LoveMelanotan, how long is the delivery time to gran canaria,Spain? Kind regards, Fab 01 Jun 2023 Moriana Cotelo 3 Can someone PLEASE answer my emails??? I’ve sent 3, maybe 4. It’s been over a month since I placed my order and I’ve been charged TWICE for a product I never received. HELP PLEASE!!! 01 Jun 2023 Moriana Cotelo I gave it ONE star and it switched it to 3 stars on its own. Is this a scam? If so, I need my money back NOW!! BOTH CHARGES TO MY CARD!! 21 May 2023 Jordan Novak 3 It has been over a month since I have placed an order. I have emailed several times and still no response. I have been charged but have not received my product. 19 May 2023 Moriana Cotelo 3 I have emailed you twice and none have been answered. I’ve been waiting for my order for a month now. Also, I have 2 charges in my bank from you, and neither of them are the exact amount of the receipt I have from you. I need a response. I really do. I need my product, most of all. 02 May 2023 Amanda 5 Hi how long does this usually last if taken as directed? 28 Aug 2022 GHELFI 4 Hello, in total, how much water in ml must be added to the sprayer for a bottle of melanotan? thanks ! 15 Aug 2022 Daisy 5 Hey, Does this ship to New Zealand, and how often are the packages seized at the border? 17 Mar 2023 vivian yes, we can ship to . how many do you need friend? 17 Mar 2023 vivian yes, we can ship to . how many do you need friend? 27 Jul 2022 Bridget 4 I have used the injections for years but wanted to change to the nasals. I already have a tan so I’m presuming I wouldn’t need to do a loading phase so how many sprays would I need each time and would I only spray when I’m using the sunbed? I want to use the nasals to see if I can cut out the side effects that I get when using the injections 02 Jul 2022 TanGod 5 Hi, Haven't received yet, just have a few questions. Should this be used only when going into the sun? And should you utilise a loading phase? Also, how long does it take to ship to Ireland? Thanks😊 06 Jul 2022 Administrator Hi, It depends on how quickly you want to achieve results and also your skin type. Delivery to Ireland takes 1-2 weeks. 21 Mar 2022 Britteney 5 Zal dit ook een snellere effect hebben als je het samen doet met de injecties? 23 Mar 2022 Administrator Hi Briteney, Yes, you will get better results if you use nasal spray along with injections. 27 Nov 2021 Aoife 5 LOVE THE NEW WEBSITE ❤️❤️❤️ Great products as always will be ordering more soon 🙌 24 Nov 2021 Niamh O'Shea 3 Hi I ordered the kit and only got one bottle with 10 needles and water.. nothing else and it cost 60? Please get back to me 26 Nov 2021 Administrator Hi Niamh, I'm really sorry about that, please check your email. 12 Jul 2021 Administrator 5 We are on holiday! New orders will be accepted from 14th July. 02 Sep 2021 Sara Hi there waiting on notification my stuff is coming I have received nothing. 03 Sep 2021 Gemma I have ordered the starter kit. Please can I have an update. The order have also gone through twice. Please May I speak to someone regarding a refund on one of the orders please Thankyou 08 Jun 2023 Moriana Cotelo I need a reply from someone please!! I’ve been emailing you guys for months with no reply. I’ve been charged TWICE. No one has gotten back to me. This has been going on since APRIL!! 10 Jul 2021 Kaila 4 How long does it take for nasal spray to take effect? 16 Jun 2021 Jasmin 4 I've been using the injections for a few years now but still feel quite rough after taking them. This nasal spray takes a little bit longer but the tan is just as nice. The only thing I would recomend is to order an extra sterile water or two and add the whole thing to the nasal spray bottle so it's not as intense and obviously makes it last longer as the first time round it was gone in 4 sprays. 21 Jun 2021 Abel How long did it take for it to work :) 15 Jun 2021 Fallon 3 Can u use the injection vials to mix up and make Basel sprays out of them and can u use different strengths of the vial in the Basel sprays to make something similar to median effect, dark effect and extra dark ?? 23 Apr 2022 Jackie Hi did you get a reply, we have bought these but do not want to inject we want to make into sniffers 31 May 2021 Megan 5 Arrived within one week to USA! I haven’t noticed effect of it yet but I’ve only been taking a few days. Going to catch some sun the next couple of weeks so hopefully I can see some colour come ☀️ 03 Jun 2021 Megan Only negative thing is there is no way this is going to last two weeks. I’ve done two sprays a day for a week and it’s nearly empty. Not a lot of product for the cost. 20 Jun 2021 Abel Have you noticed a difference now? 16 May 2021 Nicole 4 Is there customs in Ireland 31 May 2021 Cián Did you pay customs in Ireland? 16 May 2021 Isaiah 4 Is it permanent can it make you sick 12 Jun 2021 Faggit No you fucking faggot kill yourself 13 Jun 2021 Mature Adult The response from Jun 12 2021 is inappropriate and should be removed ASAP. 13 Sep 2022 Homo Only for niggers 06 Nov 2022 Dickcheese Shut the fuck up 12 May 2021 Clare 5 How many bottle can you make out this kit 22 Apr 2021 Siobhan 5 Hi, how many mls of nasal spray does one vial of melonan make 16 Apr 2021 Doris 5 Do you ship to the U.S.? 28 Apr 2021 Ryan They have shipped to me numerous times now. And I’m in Michigan. Fast too considering they are far away 15 Mar 2021 keidy täheväli 4 can i use that nosal kit melonotan 2 for injections instead?? 15 Mar 2021 keidy täheväli please reply as soon as you can<br/> thsnk you<br/>u 22 Mar 2021 Administrator Yes, you can use the nasal kit for injections, but our kit doesn't contain the required insulin syringes. It will contain 2 bottles of melanotan 2 which you can use for injections. 03 Mar 2021 Linda 4 Can the nasal spray eventually make you permanently tan like the injections? 22 Mar 2021 Administrator Hi Linda,<br/><br/>What do you mean by permanent tan? The tan fades away when you stop using.. of course it takes so much longer but melanotan 2 won't make you permanently tan. You have to use at least small amount every week to maintain the tan. 18 Feb 2021 Hannes Fabian 5 Hi do you deliver to Spain and if I order today how long does it take to arrive 22 Feb 2021 Hannes Fabian Why no reply to my Question pls response asap I would like to purchase asap 15 Feb 2021 Fabian 5 Hello Lovemelanotan, <br/><br/>thank you so much for your perfect information. My Question is, if i place my order today via Visa Card Payment, can i expect my order to be delivered to Spain(Gran Canaria) by next week. I thank you so much for all your kind excellent assistance and service as well. <br/><br/>Kind regards,<br/>Fabian 22 Feb 2021 Hannes Fabian Hello Lovemelanotan pls.reply as soon as possible I would like to make a order now 09 Feb 2021 Candice 3 Hi can I not just injected the m2 on its own straight from the 10mg bottle? 15 Feb 2021 Administrator Hi Candice,<br/><br/>No you cannot do that because the melanotan is sold in freeze dried powder form for increased shelf life. Needs to be mixed with sterile water. 16 Jan 2021 Sarah 4 How long does it take to get a tan with the nasal spray? 19 Jan 2021 Administrator Hi Sarah,<br/><br/>It depends on many factors like how long you spend in the sun, what's your skin type, what's your dose etc. You will start seeing effects after the first week of using if you spend enough time in the sun or sunbed. 12 Dec 2020 Trevor Brown 3 Hi<br/>Please tell me how it is cheaper to buy the nasal kit than it is to buy 2 x Mealantan 2 and 1 x Water?<br/>I only need the later? 31 Aug 2020 Aline 3 Hi, does the set &quot;Melanotan 2 Nasal spray&quot; work as good like the injections?<br/>Or is the effect less?<br/>Can you tell me the difference?<br/><br/>Thanks! 07 Sep 2020 Administrator Hi Aline,<br/>Nasal sprays are much less effective than injections, only about 30-40% when compared to injections. That's why we are selling nasal spray kits with two Melanotan 2 vials. 27 Jul 2020 wayne hillier 3 Your sterile water is to expensive at four euros. Its £1 with other companies. 28 Jul 2020 Administrator If you purchase starter kit or nasal spray kit then it is already included.