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Updated: 7 Sep 2020
Peptide purity: 99.4%
Melanotan content: 10.0 mg
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Melanotan 2 is the perfect way to achieve the perfect tan you've always dreamed of with only a fraction of the time spent on a tanning bed or under the sun. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and achieve an amazing full-body tan quickly with MT2 injections that encourage naturally occurring melanin production mechanisms within your body to help you darken your skin quickly, naturally, and in a safe manner.


Forget about spending multiple weeks tanning regularly only to get mediocre results that only last a few days at best before they start to fade off. With Melanotan 2, anyone can enjoy an easy and perfect full-body tan for several months on end. Your results will stick around for a long time, even if you stop taking MT2 and don't get any sun exposure!


Every single batch of MT2 that we sell is thoroughly tested by an independent third-party laboratory. At LoveMelanotan, we specialize in providing extremely high-quality Melanotan 2 peptide, and we undertake extensive and strict quality assurance processes to ensure that you never receive too low of a dose or a low-quality peptide. When buying from LoveMelanotan - you know that you are guaranteed the absolute highest quality and an amazing customer service experience to help you on your tanning journey.


Please note: This is not a pre-mixed solution, and you will need to dilute the MT2 powder with sterile water before injecting it. For more details and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the solution, you can check out our detailed user guide. Keep in mind that once the solution is mixed, it should be refrigerated, not frozen, to avoid spoilage!


Sterile Water And Syringes Are Sold Separately!

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  • Richard 03 Feb 2021

    I have been using melanotan 2 for a few years but from another company. The problem was that every time I took a shot my stomach was upset and I didn't feel like myself so a couple of months ago I stopped. My wife tried but did not like feeling sick every day. I started getting lighter and wanted to start again so I searched for another company. I found this one and decided to try them and ordered just 2 to see how my wife and I would respond. The first day we were slightly off but not as bad as with the other company. After the 3rd day we were fine. By the 8th day I noticed that we were getting darker. I tan faster than my wife so she will have to load a few extra days. I found that I could add 3 ml of bacteriostatic water instead of 1 and load with .3 ml instead of .5 to get good results. I ordered 4 more bottles.

    • Administrator, 03 Feb 2021

      Thanks for your review, we really appreciate it. Have a nice tan :)

  • Brian 25 Jan 2021

    Hi I am wondering if these work without the use of Sunbeds? I normally use tanning bed but of course they are all closed with Lockdown.. I thought about using these as an alternative but reading up on them some Info suggests they won't work alone you need to be using sunbeds or natural sun - Which we have very little of in Scotland at the best of time never mind during winter.

    Thanks for any advice

    • Administrator, 25 Jan 2021

      Hi Brian,

      Without getting exposure to the sun or sunbeds the tanning effect will be minimal.

  • Lisa Marie Jones 19 Jan 2021

    Hi, I placed an order 2 days ago, received confirmation of my payment but no confirmation of my actual order. I have emailed but my email came back saying undelivered. What shall I do?

    • Lisa Marie Jones, 19 Jan 2021

      Scrap that, my order got here already. Super fast delivery thank you

  • Ramy 03 Jan 2021

    Hi there,

    the ordering steps and payment is pretty straightforward. I have received the payment confirmation already, however, when can I expect to receive the shipment confirmation and/or the tracking number?

    To ALL: I have used Melanotan 2 several years back and it is surely a great thing. It surely boosts your tan and I hope you are guys have a wife/gfriend who will surely benefit from the side-effects - Cheers ;))

    • Ramy, 03 Jan 2021

      Sorry guys, but I have to say that I haven't received my stuff yet. Not sure why - but maybe because I live in Bahrain. I am sharing this, just in case, somebody wants to order to any of the Gulf Countries.

      Anyways, I will keep you updated here. Transparent is the best support - Cheers :))

      Today's date: Feb 11, 2021

    • Ramy, 03 Jan 2021

      Sorry guys, but I have to say that I haven't received my stuff yet. Not sure why - but maybe because I live in Bahrain. I am sharing this, just in case, somebody wants to order to any of the Gulf Countries.

      Anyways, I will keep you updated here. Transparent is the best support - Cheers :))

    • Administrator, 03 Jan 2021

      Hi Ramy,
      Please contact to receive information about your order.

  • Kayley 30 Nov 2020

    Absolutely love this product and company wouldn’t go anywhere else. Always 10++ tan results

  • Asia 20 Nov 2020

    I haven’t used it in a month. Will my skin still adapt well to the UV rays or do I need to take it regularly for it to work?

    • Kayley, 20 Nov 2020

      I did this and had to build back up. Didn’t take as long as from the very beginning but still a couple of week till my tan was definitely there

  • Luca89082 15 Nov 2020

    Hi was wondering if you ship to NZ and how successful you have found product coming through customs.

    • footyfletch, 15 Nov 2020

      I have just received my order to New Zealand. No problems getting through Customs and arrived in just under two weeks.

    • Administrator, 15 Nov 2020

      Yes, we are shipping to New Zealand and most of the orders get delivered without issues. If there is an issue we will reship or refund.

  • mittsitt75 28 Oct 2020

    Shipping to Norway? And how long does it take? I need it quick! ????????

  • mittsitt75 28 Oct 2020

    Do you ship to Norway??

  • Ada Del Mar 01 Oct 2020

    How long does delivery take to NZ?

    • Administrator, 01 Oct 2020

      On average it takes 2 weeks but sometimes arrive quicker.

  • Suzanne 02 Sep 2020

    Highly recommend this company. Very professional and speedy delivery. Used them a few times and will use them again. Highly recommended

  • Zachary 31 Aug 2020

    Hi team, are there any issues with shipping to NZ. Is there a good rate of melanotan 2 passing customs even with packages containing syringes? I'm a bit concerned.

    • Administrator, 31 Aug 2020

      Hi Zachary,

      Yes, we can successfully ship to New Zealand. In the case your order gets seized we will process replacement or refund.

  • martin 12 Aug 2020

    Hi! Have you ever shipped to Croatia? Any problems?

    • Administrator, 12 Aug 2020

      Hi, Yes we have shipped to Croatia without any problems!

  • Stephanie 03 Aug 2020

    shipping to aus? :)

    • Bec, 03 Aug 2020

      I've had this shipped to Australia a number of times with no problems :) I have purchased from an Aussie seller before but the product from these guys is much better!!

  • Brenda 04 July 2020

    I have never had any issues with this company. The delivery is quick and overall service is great, so happy that I finally found a reliable melanotan 2 supplier

  • Johanna 03 July 2020

    AMAZING PRODUCT! Loved it from the first time I tried it. 2 day delivery in the UK
    I will put an other order shortly

  • Administrator 03 Jun 2020

    We have stopped shipping small orders to Norway. From now on, we will send only bulk orders of 30 or more bottles to Norway. If you wish to place a bulk order please contact us at

  • gorillatapeonesandtwos 23 Apr 2020

    Hi, still shipping, And Have stock ? im from UK

  • gorillatapeonesandtwos 23 Apr 2020

    Hi, still shipping, And Have stock ? im from UK

    • Administrator, 23 Apr 2020

      Still shipping and everything is in stock!

  • Christian Mueller 19 Apr 2020

    arrived well in germany and quality is still very good, thanks a lot!

    • Julia, 19 Apr 2020

      Have you use Melanotan 2 how do you like the results?

  • Christian Mueller 19 Apr 2020

    arrived well in germany and quality is still very good, thanks a lot!

  • jim 14 Apr 2020

    still shipping?

    • Administrator, 14 Apr 2020

      Yes, we are still working and shipping orders as usual!

  • Nidge 07 Apr 2020

    Thanks for the speedy service, I'll be back for more very soon indeed.


  • Nigel Marchant 28 Mar 2020

    Hi there, what is you success rate in shipping to the UK?

    Kind Regards

    Nigel Marchant

    • Administrator, 28 Mar 2020

      There are no issues when shipping within UK

  • Teresa olive 21 Mar 2020

    Hello, I’ve had my previous order taken by customs 5 months ago, but I’ve made another order what are the chances getting it this time? Ordered from Australia

  • veyrat-charvillon 21 Mar 2020

    Is an MT2 order for France possible at this time?


    • Administrator, 21 Mar 2020

      Yes, we are shipping to France and delivery takes 5-7 days from the day you order.

  • Peter 13 Feb 2020

    4 day delivery to Belgium. Very good customer service, quick replies to emails

    • Stina, 13 Feb 2020

      Do you ship to Thailand? and how many days does it take until it gets there? Any problems? I am from Norway, but want to talk to the hotell if you can send it there.

  • Alexander 06 Feb 2020

    What is the success rate of shipping to the United States?

    • Gia, 06 Feb 2020

      Not true mine did not make it through customs,,, they refuse to deliver have tried to make contact with the company to see about a refund and nobody will respond to my emails

    • Administrator, 06 Feb 2020

      There are no issues when shipping to the USA. The only country that we have issues shipping to is Norway.

  • Tr 05 Feb 2020

    Do you ship to Norway and what % of packages go through customs without any problems?

    • Administrator, 05 Feb 2020

      We do ship to Norway but success rate is about 80% and you order on your own risk.

  • Johan Karlsson 05 Feb 2020

    Hello do you ship to sweden ? and how many days does it take until it gets here? have they been some from sweden that ahr ordered from you?
    :) / Johan K

    • Administrator, 05 Feb 2020

      Hi Johan,
      Delivery to Sweden on average takes one week.

  • Albert Craig 03 Feb 2020

    Got my order to Australia in 9 days. Choose you guys because of the reviews..I'm very happy will be following up with another order soon.

    • Teresa olive, 03 Feb 2020

      Was it okay with customs?

  • Normand 26 Jan 2020

    Hello do you ship to France?

    • Admin, 26 Jan 2020


      Yes, we ship to France and delivery takes maximum 7 days but usually less.

  • Amy 18 Jan 2020

    To clarify, one 10mg bottle would have 20 - 0.5mg doses. So one bottle should take care of at least all of the initial loading and some maintenance ?

    • Administrator, 18 Jan 2020

      Hi Amy,

      Yes, that's right one bottle has 20x 0.5mg doses but many of our customers use it in 1mg doses.

      Some customers need more for the loading phase, it depends on the skin type and on your goals. The lighter skin would need more melanotan than someone who tans easily.

  • miya 10 Jan 2020

    Good quality, good service , fast delivery :)

  • wolfseye1982 03 Jan 2020

    Do you ever send it Finland?
    How many times?
    Any problems? Many times?

    • Administrator, 03 Jan 2020

      Yes, we have sent to Finland many times and sometimes there is a problem with customs but anyway you don't have to worry as we reship or refund in the case of any issues.

  • Abélia 26 Dec 2019

    Very responsive customer support and quick delivery to Belgium. Recommended seller

  • Camille 13 Dec 2019

    excellent produit et support incroyable, livraison en 5 jours en France

    • Administrator, 13 Dec 2019


  • Nerissa 07 Dec 2019

    Super excited to have received my Melanotan came sooner then I though which was GREAT
    Today is day #1 of use
    Also I love the video on how to prepare and do the injection thanks ! Will do an update on day 10 ❤️❤️

  • Hubert 28 Nov 2019

    certainly the best place to buy your melanotan tanning injections. 3 days delivery to netherlands

  • Corina kehrt 26 Nov 2019

    Hallo habe vor einer Woche bestellt , heute geliefert .
    Vielen Dank


  • Duncan 26 Nov 2019

    Order arrived today, outstanding service thank you!

  • Julie Hill 23 Nov 2019

    Why is my tanning injection all dried up

    • Jenny, 23 Nov 2019

      You need to mix the powder with sterile water before using

  • S 18 Nov 2019

    Have you send it to Estonia? Any custom problems?

    • Administrator, 18 Nov 2019

      Yes, we have sent to Estonia and there hasn't been any customs issues.

  • Laura D 06 Nov 2019

    Not the first time I buy from these guys and I will definitely come back again! 3 Day delivery! I have tried melanotan from other companies while lovemelanotan site wasnt working and have to say that this is the best Ive used. About an hour after injection I get horny as f...

    • Jeff, 06 Nov 2019

      Laura your a "Hoot!"

  • Corina kehrt 15 Oct 2019

    Hallo senden Sie nach Deutschland. Und gibt es eventuell Probleme beim Zoll
    Grüße Corina

    • Administrator, 15 Oct 2019

      Hi. Yes, we are shipping to Germany and there haven't been any issues.

  • Wes Johnson 14 Oct 2019

    Do u deliver to Australia and how long it take

    • Administrator, 14 Oct 2019

      Yes, we do deliver to Australia and delivery take 7-14 days

  • Michael 26 Sep 2019

    Hey do use ship to Australia? How long?
    And how much does it cost in Aus dollars

    • Nat, 26 Sep 2019

      Hi there, I am looking at buying today, so I just want to clarify, you do ship Successfully to Australia On a regular basis?? also how long does one bottle last?? Kind Regards Nat ????

    • Administrator, 26 Sep 2019

      We ship to Austalia every single day. On average delivery takes 7-14 days

  • Kristi Oglesby 19 Sep 2019

    Do you ship to USA? If so how long and how much

    • Administrator, 19 Sep 2019

      Yes, we do ship to USA and delivery on average takes 10 days.

  • Chloe 07 Sep 2019

    Hello i want to start dling these injections but do i have to dilute these vials or can i just inject as is ?

    • Administrator, 07 Sep 2019

      Hi Chloe,
      Please see

  • Babyc 03 Sep 2019

    How long to deliver to Ireland ????????

    • Administrator, 03 Sep 2019

      Delivery to Ireland takes about a week.

  • Michal Walas 31 Aug 2019

    Ile trwa wysylka do europy ?

    • Administrator, 31 Aug 2019

      Delivery to Europe takes about a week.

  • Michal Walas 31 Aug 2019

    Czy wysylacie do polski ?

  • Nathasja 25 Aug 2019

    Do you send to Denmark

    • Administrator, 25 Aug 2019

      Yes, we do!

  • Carmen 06 Aug 2019

    So happy that you are back guys, my favorite shop!

  • Administration 26 July 2019

    We are pleased to announce that we are back to normal operation. You are welcome to make your orders with us. Regards

  • Lauren 09 Aug 2017

    Could you please let me know when melanotan 2 will be back in stock in uk?

  • Roisin 05 Aug 2017

    After using the first bottle I have achieved indredible golden tan. It is the first time in my life I look so tanned. I regularly use sunbeds, about 3 times a week but no more than 7 minutes. Melanotan peptide have changed my life, its amazing. The only downside is injecting almost every day but it is definitely worth it!

  • Jordan 04 Aug 2017

    I have ordered multiple times from here without any issues, legit supplier

  • Courtney 17 July 2017

    Melanotan 2 is worth every cent! at the beggining I was pale but after using this product only 5 times I am with a dark bronze tan already! I have stopped the loading phase and will swich to maintenance phase now as I don`t want to become any darker. Incredible product, I am getting addicted from it :D

  • Mike 13 July 2017

    I have just placed my second order as the first one worked great and delivery was quick. It took only 5 days to arrive in Slovakia

  • Jack 26 Jun 2017

    Shipping was quick without issues and communication with customer support was good. I`ve only used melanotan 2 for few days so I can`t really give my opinion on it. But I am certain that it will good based off the service in general so far. After first injection I experienced a slight facial flushing and a minor stinging at the site of injection. I am using 250mcg per injection and will probably keep it that low because I am prone to the appearance of moles. One thing that I would like to suggest - buy at least 20 insulin syringes with one bottle of melanotan as 10 won`t be enough. You can probably find them cheaper elsewhere.

  • Maulana 23 Jun 2017

    one week ago I have started using and it works like a charm. I am very glad as it is the first time in my life I have achieved a tan like never before. I was loading it everyday for the first week and now only use twice a week. Highly recommended to everyone who struggles to tan!

  • Tom 14 Jun 2017

    I'm using melanotan 2 for more than 4 years already and have tried many different supplies. This is the first time buying from lovemelanotans. It took 5 days to arrive in Slovenia which is nice. I will update in a few weeks after I have tried to product but so far it look like I will be a returning customer!

  • Sam 26 May 2017

    great melanotan product! delivery to france took only 3 days! Love :)

  • Sunniva 23 May 2017

    The 4th time I`ve been buying from this store. Nice tan appears only after using for a week and after that you get only darker. I was wondering if it is still good because I haven`t used for 3 months? Should I use it or is it better to throw away and buy a new one?

  • fred 15 May 2017

    AMAZING TAN achieved extremely quick! Been using 1mg per day and it took only 5 days!

  • Dominica 01 May 2017

    Hello, i have just bought my first vial and would like to try with 250mcg first but for how long should I use it? When should I increase the dosage? I am women 57kg with skin type II Thanks so much!

  • Kelli 24 Apr 2017

    Hi guys, My order was delivered in less than a week and that was during Easter so delivery is very prompt. I am skin type 2 and have been using it 250mcg every other day. I am also using sunbeds on injection days. I haven`t experienced any nausea but there was a hot flush right after injections. I am worried that I`m not using enough but at the same time I don`t want to overdose. Is the 250mcg every other day enough to get good results?

  • Annmarie 19 Apr 2017

    My order arrived in 10 days, this is my second order. I was amazed with the quality of this product, the purity is very high. The first time I heard about melanotan I ordered from different website but it wasn`t effective. I will continue to order from this supplier.

  • Amie 10 Apr 2017

    For some reason the payment was declined by my bank but in a matter of hours the customer service sent me an email with an alternative way to pay. This time it was successful and my order was quickly delivered. I was a little scared because it was the first time injecting my self melanotan but it is working amazing. I love the tan that is building up and I haven`t experienced any side effects!

  • Dan 05 Apr 2017

    Supplier that you can count on! Been using this website for 2 years and haven`t had any issues

  • KateA 05 Apr 2017

    Best place to buy your melanotan 2 from! I'm living in Australia and wasn`t even sure it would arrive but within 2 weeks it was on my doorstep. The customer service is very helpful and will do anything to resolve any problems. I've just made another order as it works so good! Lovemelanotan is everything you need to achieve the best tan!

  • Kayt 27 Mar 2017

    All I can say is that Melanotan is FANTASTIC product! Received my order in 6 days so 5 stars

  • Birgitte 21 Mar 2017

    EXCELLENT! I am from Denmark but my order was delivered in less than a week!

  • Gemma 10 Mar 2017

    I have just ordered my second lot. LOVE this stuff, I've achieved a deep long-lasting golden color. The first few days had a slight headache but ibuprofen fixed it. After the first few days, headaches disappeared. It looks like I have just come back from a holiday in Mexico

  • Paul harby 25 Feb 2017

    Bought my first bottle of Melanotan on Wednesday and the order was delivered on Friday. So happy to start, it looks like high-quality product

  • Paul 15 Feb 2017

    Purchased 5 bottles and sterile water. Order was delivered after 3 days and I started using melanotan right away. I can`t really say anything about side effects the others have experienced because I didn`t get any. After using sunbeds only 3 times I look much more darker already. I live in Ireland with barely any sun during the day I highly recommend this product as I am extremely pleased with it.

  • Sarahcarey 01 Feb 2017

    I have used this website for the last 2 years and always pleased with the service. Fast delivery to France.

  • Sara norway 31 Jan 2017

    Ordered 2 vials of melanotan 2 and received after 4 business days. Very happy that I chose this website. Amazing and reliable customer support that will answer any questions or fix any problems. It is also very cheap! Just perfect, I will only use this website from now on!

  • kim 26 Jan 2017

    I'm pale with freckles, skin type I. Even though I spent so much time in the sun while travelling, I've never achieved any tan in my life. After using 3 bottles of Melanotan 2 I can say that I've at last got a deep and sexy tan and I LOVE it. What I recommend for others that are skin type I - buy at least 3 bottles for the start as I didn`t see any difference after the first 10mg. You will need 30mg or more to achieve tan! Patience is the KEY!

  • Linda 18 Jan 2017

    I achieved great results in a week! Love my new image, great product.

  • Chris 06 Jan 2017

    After 20 days of not receiving my order (I think it was stopped at the Australian customs), I was highly disappointed. I contacted the lovemelanotan support team and got a reply instantly. They told me to wait a few more days and if it still doesn't arrive they would reship my order. The reshipment arrived without any problems. Great customer support that will help in the case of issues. Haven`t tried the product yet but it looks good quality

  • Edz 05 Jan 2017

    One of the best sellers of Melanotan and very quick delivery, just started using my second bottle and the results are great!

  • Hayley 28 Dec 2016

    Has anyone from Sydney, Australia bought from this website? How long it takes to arrive?

  • Chris 24 Dec 2016

    Third time using this site and again it arrived quickly. Top seller, high quality product.

  • Chris 15 Dec 2016

    I am very glad that I chose this site. Very ggood MT2, I have never been so tanned before. Arrived to Germany in 5 days. :)

  • Normand 03 Dec 2016

    Very nice product, works perfectly, no side effects. No sunburn and better than the tanning salon. For me 5 floncons have duration all year and people were wondering where I had been on vacation WOW Super produit, fonctionne parfaitement ;aucun effets secondaire. pas de coup de soleil et meilleur que le salon de bronzage . pour moi 5 floncons ont durée toute l'année et les gens me demandais où j'avais été en vacance WOW

  • Martin 30 Sep 2016

    ToP Produkt , ToP Service ...I need to order more , 5 day ´s postal delivery to Germany .

  • Barbara 08 Sep 2016

    Probably best one i have came across, INSTANT results for, will be back for more. Shipping could be faster, apparently sent from far away :)

  • Miller 08 Sep 2016

    being regular customer for a long time decided to leave feedback, not much to say brilliant service and product, totally recommended.

  • Chloe 08 Sep 2016

    Issue resolved and payment received. Don't pay double if initial payment "doesn't go through" email site as it probably has gone through

  • Ness 31 Aug 2016

    When back in stock I really need to order as away next few weeks, please let me know when you have more stock.

  • lee 25 Aug 2016

    OUT OF STOCK????? im dying,,,,, WHY?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, When can we expect you back in order?

  • Normand 25 Aug 2016

    Vraiment fatastique, c'est vrai ça fonctionne à 100%. peux semblé dispendieux; mais après 1 semaine tout le monde me demandais si j'avais été en vacance dans le sud. facile utilisation et efficace. c'est rare que j'écris des commentaire sur un produit; mais celui là ma satisfait à 100% Fatastique really, it's true it works 100%. can seem expensive; but after 1 week everyone was wondering if I was on vacation in the south. Easy to use and effective. it's rare that I write a review on the product; but this one my 100% satisfied

  • Natalie 09 Aug 2016

    I have placed an order and emailed twice and not had any reply is this site legit?

  • Toni 05 July 2016

    Can't describe how amazing This stuff is never mind the customer service!!! 5*****!!! Beautiful golden tan within 1 week. I injected 10mg every 3-4 days as it stays in your body for 36hours and OMG my tan was gorgeous!!! Now I've got the tan I want I Inject once a week and have 2-3 sunbeds to maintain. All questions were answered within 1 day! So happy I stuck to this website as there's a lot out there to con you out. Just ordered my 3rd bottle. P.S anyone asking about it the bank transfer I used this method when the other system was down San it took about 4-5 days to come :) :) :)

  • Lawrence 04 July 2016

    Good customer service if u worried about using Internet. Great mt2 fast delivery .

  • Norway 27 Jun 2016

    Stopped by customs 2 times now, not happy.

  • Kerr 22 Jun 2016

    OMFG, this tan is so gorgeous i can express it. Will be back for more once i finish first two.

  • Rob 22 Jun 2016

    Excellent service, was scammed on other site so don't have much trust for these online sites, but this one is good to go

  • Emma 14 Jun 2016

    Ordered a vial about 2 weeks ago and it arrived last week. Did some more research before injecting into my body, hence why I've waited a week. First injection was tonight, stung a little bit going in but nothing too bad (kind of like a vaccination), followed by a hot flash and a tiny bit of nausea - Ended up going away after about 15 minutes. Will review again and possibly reorder after a few doses, but so far so good! Thankyou :)

  • Michelle 13 Jun 2016

    Really pleased with service and appreciate that it takes you a few days to catch up with messages. But always reply to my queries! And extremely quick delivery lol. I took my first dose last night before getting into bed and had no visible side effects this morning. Looking forward to the results in a few days. Cheers guys x

  • Synnøve 10 Jun 2016

    My package was stopped at customs , but sent me a new package free of charge. Good communication , quick response . The service is impeccable . I am very happy with both trade and goods. All perfect++ Thank you!

  • Megan 08 Jun 2016

    I ordered this yesterday by bank transfer, tri4ed to contact them no reply. Please can someone confirm when my order will be shipped?

  • Kate 08 Jun 2016

    Hi guys just wondering has anyone used the bank transfer method as payment system is down? My last order was amazingly quick and loved the product. Just ordered more but want to ensure this is ok . Any suggestions?

  • Kate 08 Jun 2016

    Hi guys just wondering did anyone use the bank transfer method as payment system is down? Loved melanotan , want to make sure my latest order will arrive as easy as my last.

  • Synnøve 21 May 2016

    Perfect++++ AS ALWAYS!! Thank you <3

  • Adam 11 May 2016

    love product, love support, i had problem with my order which was my own fault but seller sorted out quickly, other suppliers don't even bother to email back. 5 star (star)

  • Linda 11 May 2016

    Fantastic product, love it. deff recommended. can't fault it in any way, recommended product and service. I was a little worried cause last time i ordered online from other site i did not receive anything. Thanks keep it up.

  • Sue 11 May 2016

    honestly the best Melanotan, unbelievable results in only 8 days, skin type II

  • Red 09 May 2016

    Just mix 1ml of sterile water in the bottle of Melanotan

  • Nicola 05 May 2016

    Hi Ive just received my melanotan but how do I mix it and how much to use?? Thanks for any help

  • Claudia 05 May 2016

    I bought about 5 of these last summer, it took about 2/3 with a lot of minutes on the sun bed for my skin to start to show a tan, I am have type 2 skin, don't often burn but have never had a good tan. After regular use I went a really dark golden colour, the darkest I have ever been. On holiday in Ibiza I carried on tanning and got much darker even without having the injections. I did not burn at all, only wearing factor 6 oil too. The only downside is that I gained a few small dark moles and the injection location stings like a bee sting for about 2-3 minutes, followed by a 20 min sick phase. Overall I was very impressed with this product, as it actually allowed me to tan for the first time! Just ordered again for this summer.

  • Sammie .p 21 Apr 2016

    Anyone have advice about my order.... I paid and made a order of the $30 bottle but its saying my states is pending and it says out of the 30$ bottles so what do I do

  • Laurie 14 Apr 2016

    Hi guys just ordered 2 batches as I am very very fair skinned. Messed up my first one so I threw it away. When will I see a difference? Injecting every night 0.5mg for the last 2 nights and have had 2 sunbed sessions 5mins each too. Any feedback please?

  • Frances 28 Feb 2016

    Brill product, used it last summer and had a fab tan, if anything at the end my family said I was too brown, so brown that people questioned if it was real and I started to get attention from foreign men just walking round town - my sister said its because I looked European and not irish lol. From end of May until end of September I used 4 bottles of the tan and my tan lasted until December and I'm no longer the white colour I was before I started but I'm feeling pale now so going to order some today to get ready for the better weather. I used the sunbed regularly and sat in the garden everytime the sun was out-this was a lot as uni was over and I had the summer off. The only down side for me was my lips went quite dark be normal now.

  • very white skin 14 Feb 2016

    Australia: I had one package opened by customs and they actually let it through with a note saying that the items have been inspected and contains nothing of concern.. I always thought it was restricted etc??

  • Hayley Chandler 06 Jan 2016

    Where's everyone purchasing needles and sterile water from? I'm too scared to walk into a drug centre that hands out free ones! In Melbourne CBD....

  • Ben 04 Jan 2016

    product is ok..going to order a second time to see how it works this time

  • Kerry 02 Jan 2016

    Hi please can someone help me I don't understand how to use this do I put the water in the tan or? Help

  • Charlotte 22 Dec 2015

    Hi, are Australians getting orders through and how long are they taking? I ordered 12 days ago and still nothing. Appreciate any feedback.

  • Liam G 21 Dec 2015

    It works just perfectly, takes about 4 weeks of injections/sunbed use for me to be a nice browny colour & I have very fair skin, I used it at 1ml concentration and injected 10iu at one time then 9 min sunbed session. This is my 2nd time, tan lasts 3 monthish.The only negative I can think of is legs tend to not tan as well as upper body so it can look off, but in general it's fantastic

  • Lorissa 25 Nov 2015

    How much do your recommend to order for the first-timer? Last time I ordered 1 bottle, it took 10 days to arrive and it lasted me just 5 days. Didn`t get noticeable results so I guess that 1 bottle is not enough for me. Would 3 bottles be enough to see results for skin type I?

  • H, England 14 Nov 2015

    Haven`t experienced any side effects this time, will it work? I have bought from here a few times and it worked great! After a few weeks of using, I suddenly went black!

  • Dina 03 Nov 2015

    Tried Melanotan for my first time and honestly didn`t expect much from it. Oh boy, was I wrong!!! After only 7 days and two 8 minutes sunbed sessions I`ve finally achieved incredible deep tan that lasts! And it looks 100% natural, everyone is asking if I just came from the holiday. I've just made an order of 3 more vials and want my mum and sister ti try it because they were very impressed with my results. I love the sexual arousal side effects and did I mention that I lost 2kg during the first week of using? Can`t ask any more from a drug!

  • elle 26 Oct 2015

    Hii Is 2 bottles of Melanotan 2 enough for the first time starter? I am Melanotan virgin and my skin is very pale, with freckles. How often should I visit the sunbeds?

  • Col 22 Oct 2015

    I've recently made my first order. Took only 2 weeks to arrive in Australia. I was researching tanning because I am very pale and it is very difficult to tan. Just one question, since sunbeds are banned in Australia, would tanning outside do the same job?

  • sj 21 Oct 2015

    Ready to start my second summer with Melanotan. There are not enough stars to rate it. Finally, I can tan without burning in the sun and tan lasts so much longer. Even when not using Melanotan for 6 months my skin is much more resistant to the sun and I simply don`t burn anymore. LOVE MELANOTAN 2!

  • Sam 19 Oct 2015

    I've just purchased my first ever batch. I've seen some people writing about weight loss. Does these injections contribute to losing weight, as I wouldn't like that as I'm very skinny already? Obv still trying out my purchase though :) Thanks

  • Samantha from Syd 12 Oct 2015

    Hi I just ordered my first melanotan , my order summeray was perfect

  • Miss Sunshine 06 Oct 2015

    Have been using the product for 4 years now and on my 4th order with Love Melanoton. Fantastic product at a great price. fast shipping too!

  • Matt from Melbourne 06 Oct 2015

    arrived as advised, have done research on this stuff. these guys seem passionate about their product. keen as to get on. give it couple weeks and ill be black (-: haha

  • johnny2 03 Oct 2015

    You need to start off with a low dose and short sunbed sessions - the results are amazing but you will not get results over night - give yourself 2 months.I did this (3 courses) before my holiday and by week 2 away was using no sunscreen apart from my face and shoulders. I am blond with fair skin - and brown - accusations of spray tan now though!

  • Claire 29 Sep 2015

    I have used tanning injections throughout the summer and was so pleased with the tan I got . The stuff is amazing especially for my very fair skin. I am a red head so burn really easily but with these injections it just makes my skin nice and tanned. Only downside is that it is making my hair go dark at the roots

  • benjamin 10 Sep 2015

    ATTENTION USERS - just because you're not experiencing side effects it does not mean its not working. each individual reacts differently to the peptide. if you dont get side effects, consider yourself lucky. if you arent seeing results, there is obviously contributing factors... you're not using enough, not enough time in the sun etc. having made multiple orders through this website and having success with tanning, i can safely say its a reliable source. i naturally have a brown skin colour, and im fortunate enough to not get the sides, but using this turns me a good sunkissed Mediterranean tan :P

  • Aby 02 Sep 2015

    On my second vial now and finally starting to see results! I am naturally really pale so didn't think I'd ever change colour! Having 3 sunbeds a week at the moment to help it along. Fantastic stuff! Can't wait for more results :))))))

  • Kim 31 Aug 2015

    Hi Rach, It actually says on the order screen that it charges in US $ so it may turn up to be a different amount on your bank balance. I've ordered some in Australia too, so hopefully we both get our deliveries safe and sound!

  • Rach 30 Aug 2015

    I ordered this product and was surprised to see I was charged in USD rather than AUS what I was told through email. quite disappointing. Has anyone had this product successfully delivered to AUS before? Please let me know!! Haven't received it yet and am anxious...

  • Leanne 27 Aug 2015

    I've been using this for 5 years in the summer and it's fantastic I have fair skin and burn easy after using this the colour I get is incredible I would recommend this not only do you get great colour it lasts a lot longer than a natural tan.

  • Shawn 26 Aug 2015

    So I got some bottles. First off. Im WHITE! Irish blood, blonde hair, burn easy, and never tan. Been about 3 weeks. Due to working in a shop, i now have a farmers tan. First time in my life!!! Injections super easy. Its awesome the color I am getting. I have gone to the tanning bed 3 times for only 4 mins each due to my fair skin. Ha! I walked out like I was born with great skin. Love MelanoTan. It is now my thing to do for the summer and spring season. Oh, and the weight loss is awesome. Im pretty active, so im getting defined as I tan! LOVE IT!!! Thanks guys, keep up the awesomeness!

  • Andreew 25 Aug 2015

    PRoduct is great, but i will give only 4 stars because shipping took longer than i was told it will be.

  • Tam 20 Aug 2015

    I am tanned. It worked. I am sorry for the bad review. I am very brown now lol. 5*

  • Bridget 17 Aug 2015

    Tam I wish you could take before and after pics because I'm a lovely golden brown some people say to brown. And like I said I have pale skin, red hair and a million freckles. I'd say realistically it took two vials of injections every night and a lot of sunbeds but I've achieved my perfect colour now I have the easy task of maintaining it. This product of this site has more then worked for me

  • Tam 17 Aug 2015

    Bridget, i have used it before i know exactly how it works. 13 jabs later and 5 sunbeds later and i am still white/red, there is nothing in it atall ! I usually get brown within 6 jabs. 99.8 % pure fake.

  • Bridget 17 Aug 2015

    Brian and Tam. This product is amazing. No you can't use it for a few days and get amazing results it takes time and patients. I to get no side effects at all where's my friend has been doing it for years and still feels sick after every injection. I'm very pale with red hair it took me two vials before seeing a difference then I maintained with my third and I'm a golden brown I'm just about to order my fourth. But yes this product might be weak for YOU we are all different what works for me may not work for you BUT you have to use this for more then a FEW days and count yourself lucky your one out of very few that doesn't get any side effects

  • Brian 17 Aug 2015

    TAM is right! This product is no good; after experiencing no side effects the first few days and getting no new color I knew it was a shame.

  • Abbie 07 Aug 2015

    Bought one vial last year to go on holiday for a week. Didn't have chance to do the loading phase and sun bed sessions before I went so I took it with me and injected every night. I don't usually tan that well but I went a dark brown colour and I loved it! This stuff really works! The only side effect I experienced was once my tan had faded there was lighter blotches on my stomach. Not too noticeable but definitely a bit of uneven pigmentation. I also has very dark patches on my face, making it look dirty. Nothing that couldn't be covered with a bit of make up however. Definitely buying again this year!

  • Johnny 02 Aug 2015

    I have never tanned in my life - blond hair and very pale skin so I thought I'd give this a go. As I am going on holiday next month and had already started (unsuccessfully) using sunbeds I ordered a batch - I did go a light golden colour after 4 sunbed sessions so I reordered 2 more batches and after another 8 sunbeds am a really nice golden colour. The delivery is very quick - 2 days in UK. Side effects are as stated in other reviews!

  • Jennifer Seeney 25 July 2015

    I am so impressed with this product! I used it for the first time today and I'm already seeing results. I have very olive skin naturally, and it takes me hours in the sun to even start to go pink. But today I sunbathed for only one hour and had very visible tan lines! And the sick feeling when taking it doesn't last long either. I can't wait to use it again!

  • Bridget 20 July 2015

    I needed 20ml of this to see a difference so two lots of it. But it's a lovely colour and I'm extremely happy. My legs aren't as dark as my top half though so I still have to put fake tan on them but it's a 5 minute job. Be aware though that the tan really does creep up from no where. I must admit I'm pretty dark but I like the dark look. Not sure how natural it looks as I have red hair and a million freckles so my dark look may not look natural. But I'm extremely happy with this product

  • CGT 09 July 2015

    I have used this website twice now and cannot begin to explain how well this product works! I always receive a speedy service and no issues with payments. Yes this website is legit!! It took me a lot of hrs searching and trying different websites products with disappointing results.. not to mention waiting over two weeks for it to arrive. You can't go wrong here. The results are impressive. Thank you so much for providing a great product and service. Keep up the good work

  • Elizabeth 07 July 2015

    Received my Melanotan within 2 days of ordering it, really quick delivery! I'm a regular sunbed user anyway but after just one injection i can already see a difference! I did feel sick off it but it's expected and easily sorted by taking them right before bed, will update further on the tan after the bottle is empty! :)

  • Sarah -Louise 06 July 2015

    I had really pale skin and unable to tan. Took this and went on sunbed 3 times a week for two weeks and I reach my desired tan. Amazing stuff!

  • elizabeth 03 July 2015

    Just checking reviews are real

  • helen 02 July 2015

    wow! best ever Melanotan I have ever used, no side effects! my colour is lovely and I NEVER tan without it. Thank you highly recommended :) customer service excellent!

  • Abigail 20 Jun 2015

    Recieved my melanotan 4 days ago! Bit concerned that I haven't been experiencing any side effects and I can't notice any change yet in my skin tone or my freckles :(. However it was quick delivery! If anyone else has noticed this contact me on facebook at abigail Morton Simpson :) thanks.

  • Mariola 18 Jun 2015

    Really good best melanotan I've had also very good customer service really helpfull with quick reply thank you. I never was so tanned :)

  • Margaret 18 Jun 2015

    Really good best melanotan I've had also very good customer service really helpfull with quick reply thank you

  • yolanda 10 Jun 2015

    do they put a different label on the bottle

  • Cain 08 Jun 2015

    Can anyone gove advice as to go abt ur day tryi to hide erection? Product is great tho!

  • G.S. 06 Jun 2015

    Type I-II skin here, I could never get a tan before, just red like a lobster. I was white(and pink-ish), always had people tell me '' I see you didn't go on holiday, you're white as f***'', which really put me down every year because I was trying so hard to get a tan like every body else... After reading the user results of MT2 (with the side effects of course, watched Youtube as doctors explain it etc),I purchased my first two vials on this website(the reviews convinced me the product works... Delivered in 4 days. Long story short, after 15 loading injections (since 20.5.2015) of 500mcg and 5 10min tanning bed sessions, I'm darker than ever! As a side effect, I did get quite a few new moles on my body(non raised, just flat), and 4 on my face so far. For all of those who came across this product and are skeptical where to buy it, this is the place you click ''add to cart'', I'm another happy x-white/pinkish and newly bronze proof of that.

  • steve 29 May 2015

    Test test 1 2 1 2 melanotan that's how I do. Dark moles raging erection showING to momma love & affection

  • Steve 02 May 2015

    Product is the b*ll*cks gutted their out of stock, can't believe how horny you get and the rock hard boner's tan is also fantastic I burn easily but not with this, found you feel the injection a lot less if you jab it in fast rather than slowly pushing it in, haven't experianced any sickness

  • nat 14 Apr 2015

    Commandé aujourd'hui ... de Belgique. J'espère le recevoir et croise les doigts pour que je ne me sois faite plumer :-)

  • Bradley Cottrell 13 Apr 2015

    Heya real happy with my purchase, got my order in like 2 weeks to Australia. Started taking the stuff and its a bit scary at first but im totally okay with it now. Does give you a boner all day. The first time I used it I was like this is crazy haha. Recommend 100%

  • Zach 29 Mar 2015

    I usually don't take time for reviews, but with a product like this I know reviews are the only way to know what's real. I received my package yesterday. Everything was completely as advertised and not broken. Shipping took a while due to my location but I was able to track the package the entire way. I have spoken to customer service twice with different questions and both times they were great and very helpful and friendly. They also replied within hours which never seems to happen. 1st dose last night. Will report on the rest as it happens. Definitely reccomend so far. Great service.

  • Frecklyfairhair 28 Mar 2015

    UK buyer. This Melanotan is the best lot I've had in 3 years. No complaints at all. Fast delivery and great service!

  • Bradley rhys Cottrell 28 Mar 2015

    Hey just placed my order. Looking forward to recieving my order to perth western australia. Haha looks like theres a few other pale people from perth by the looks of the other reviews.

  • Synne 03 Mar 2015

    This is very good melanotan, the best i've ever tried actually :) 100% ++++

  • Rebecca 02 Mar 2015

    Does this product come with the water you mix it with?

  • Jordan 21 Feb 2015

    Just ordered my first one

  • Shannon 01 Feb 2015

    Australian Buyer. (Perth WA) Received quickly, and it was a really painless purchase. I am first time user. male, fair skin. Now on Day 4 of injecting, slightly noticeable change on my arms that usually see more sun then anywhere else. Excited for the results in a week from now. I have sunbaked for 30 minutes everyday since starting. I only ordered one vial so I am about to stock up, really happy with the service.

  • shauna 30 Jan 2015

    Can someone give me a contact number for this store?

  • scott h 24 Jan 2015

    Fingers crossed this site is legit

  • Danielle 18 Jan 2015

    The site presents well. Just ordered 2 vials, can anyone give some feedback on there experience?

  • Orls 15 Jan 2015

    Just checking if reviews are legit

  • NicolaC 14 Jan 2015

    Great product, fast delivery and fantastic customer service!

  • Andy 07 Dec 2014

    review time - i have been purchasing melanotan from various internet suppliers and i have stopped here for a reason. Customs are tough in my country and today my 4th order arrived just fine. Melanotan itself is OK and support from staff is just great, if elsewhere i have to wait 2-5 days for email reply here all my questions are answered promptly even on weekends. Bottom line - highly recommended.

  • Richard 07 Dec 2014

    Just checking these are legit - just placed order

  • Den 07 Dec 2014

    Don't know where they ship from but it arrived in 4 days, communication with sttaff is excelent they asnwered all my questions, now it's time to get a tan.

  • PP1979 21 Nov 2014

    Always delivered on time in full and excellent price

  • lisa 29 Oct 2014

    just checking reviews are legit

  • Fiona Costello 26 Oct 2014

    Great product, very fast delivery, and if u need to contact them about anything they get back to you straight away, Could not recommend this site more highly x

  • Dindo 15 Oct 2014

    I bought 2 bottles and will be buying again, i just love the skin tone. people are complimenting about my tan.

  • Mick 15 Oct 2014

    Ordered last week, received today, shipping could be faster but overall i am happy.

  • poleprincess 15 Oct 2014

    first time order,, and also do you order sterile water separate? uk shipping, quick?

  • FuFan 15 Oct 2014

    Is ok, as expected. will be back again.

  • james 13 Oct 2014

    I dont think it's illegal to buy online. an yea my order is taking forever

  • jason 06 Oct 2014

    Do any Australians buy off here. Apparently it's illegal to get it shipped here. Is it a slap on the wrist or actual fine if it's picked up by customs anyone know?

  • Tony 05 Oct 2014

    Good quality stuff. Order cam in within a week

  • Jud 02 Oct 2014

    bought this last month so far i could not be more happy with it. it is what it says on the tin :)

  • curious 01 Oct 2014

    anyone try this on acneish skin?

  • Hannah 29 Sep 2014

    How much sterile water do you need for each bottle ?

    • DanielaV.04, 29 Sep 2014

      2 ml

  • Hannah 29 Sep 2014

    How much sterile water do I need for 3x 10mg

  • Andreew 23 Sep 2014

    i decided to give it a go after reading on forums then came across this website and reviews seemed ook so i ordered. dont know where they post from i received within 5 days. i am texas, us. about the product: i took it twice this week and tbh i feel i am a bit darker than i wanted to be,probably too much sunbed. no doubt melantoan is of good quality.

  • Lian 23 Sep 2014

    This is by far best melanotan i have used, love it. Delivery took slightly longer than i expected, but it was worth waiting.

  • Jemma 21 Sep 2014

    Am really excited about starting this, the reviews look really good, hoping to see fantastic results....

  • lisa 18 Sep 2014

    great product highly recommend will be buying again

  • kirsty 15 Sep 2014

    This is the 3rd time i have used melanotan but the first time i have go the product myself and i have definitely had much better results this time round. Wont buy anywhere else from now on.

  • Tamara 10 Sep 2014

    Just checking reviews just ordered mine :):):)

  • Amy 05 Sep 2014

    I am from Australia ordered my parcel the 25/08/2014 and received today 05/09/2014 will soon find out whether it works or not.. will definitely leave another review

  • Anudareew 29 Aug 2014

    can't fault this in any way, 5 star product and service. I was a bit worried cause last time i ordered online from other site i did not receive anything. Keep it up guys!

  • punk 89 25 Aug 2014

    had a major problem with my order because of my fault, seller was supportive and professional so we got all sorted and everyones happy cant comment on product yet

  • Amanda 23 Aug 2014

    Shipping was quick, product is excellent, i will be back for more.

  • eth 21 Aug 2014

    Checking real just ordered mine

  • beth 21 Aug 2014

    Just checking reviews are teal :) ordered mine cannot wait x

  • Akhmir 20 Aug 2014

    Great product hands down. I am normally afraid of needles but insulin syringe needles are so thin i can't feel a thing.

  • Jubel 15 Aug 2014

    Bought this for my holiday trip, took 1 dose and then all day on the beach and i am almost black, it probably because i spent all day sunbathing, but i love it, even know sickness and heatwave hit me pretty hard. I highly recommend this product and i think there is no need to for loading phase.

  • Michelle 11 Aug 2014

    I have never bothered to write a review before, but feel I need to for this product. Its amazing! I bought my first 2 vials of melanotan around 4 months ago and now I'm on my 2rd order....I cant get enough. My skin has gone from pale to sexy deep brown... I was a little sensitive through the first vial...however nothing to worry about as this after injection sickness feelind fades with time. I would really recommend this product if you are looking at having your skin tanned the best possible way, this is because even thought i have missed my 1 weekly injection i am still as brown as before. Love it.

  • tonypp 10 Aug 2014

    good stuff i really enjoy the new coat on me

  • Emily 09 Aug 2014

    First time using melanotan after a lot of research. Hav true type 1 skin pale with freckles and despite havin lots of holidays abroad never had a tan. Iv finally got a golden glow not deep tan but definat colour . It took me 4x 10mg bottles to achieve this and loaded for much longer than the usual 1 week. Done a sunbed 2-3 times a week(never used sunbeds before either cos I knew if sun doesn't work neither wud sunbeds. First two bottles nothing happened but by third colour started to take. People are commenting on my colour for first time in my life. No miles , a few really dark freckles and more freckles but normally get freckles with sun exposure anyway. With a golden glow they don't look as bad. If you are true type 1 patience is needed . I read people saying they took a few jabs and we're dark as hell but that's prob people who usually tan well. With som preserversence a colour can be achieved . Recommend!

  • Emma 08 Aug 2014

    Just a question, do you buy the water solution separately or does it come included in the package when buying Melanotan 2 ?

  • Linda 28 July 2014

    This is superb product and is fab for those ladies like me that need a helping hand to achieve this deep tan. I would say by the third time using melanotan I had mastered my technique to use it painlessly and how to get best out of if. I would recommend going on line and searching tips how to use. Love this item don't think I would be without it now!

  • shane 20 July 2014

    admin asked me to leave honest review as i am regular customer and use melanotan all year round. i have been using this exact product for a while now and i could not be more happy with it. 5 star anytime. I know that there are other sellers selling melanotan mixed with mannitol, it is cheap shit, i would never use it over pure melanotan.

  • Sergio S 20 July 2014

    Got this delivered in Italy with no problem. Took it last night, too early to see results, but i know this sickness feeling, i always get it with real melanotan. Price is reasonable and shipping time is ok.

  • Synthol 18 July 2014

    1. admin response is ok 2. product is real 3. packaging is next to no existant 4. delivered in 5 days (texas,us) 5. sterile water is pack of 10<- wtf? i need only 1 and end up paying for 10.

  • Chris 17 July 2014

    Quality product i can tell right away just looking at the vial content. Do not know if weight is correct, but quality is spot on. Chris.

  • Miklavs 17 July 2014

    awesome speed of delivery! top service definitely will come back again.

  • MADMAN 15 July 2014

    received in 2 days This is real deal, i recommend.

  • cow 04 July 2014

    could not realise how to get water out of the ampoule, stupid me ;0 you should sell amp snappers

  • mrx 04 July 2014

    this was my first time using melanotan and i am happy with it. parcel took 5 days to arrive, vial simply packed in the paper, not very professional look, but product works as supposed. will be ordering again

  • hannah 26 Jun 2014

    got few new moles. not happy, will they go away once i stop using it

  • SAM J 26 Jun 2014

    got really dark after 2 weeks next time i am not pre loading waste of money.... not the best packaging however it works

  • JAMIE 25 Jun 2014

    PRICEY, however when i contacted i got a good support as i had no clue how to use it.

  • roxana 25 Jun 2014

    Took 5 days to arrive but worth waiting, i have used melanotan before purchased from elsewhere and it was shit did nothing to me, not even slight side effects, with this i know what i am using + good support. Keep it up .

  • silins 25 Jun 2014

    good seller great support 5 stars

  • Amy 25 Jun 2014

    Got my order in 2 days, looks like quality product.

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