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Shipping Policy

Please read carefully in full prior to ordering.

Information for EU customers. Please pay attention to the tracking number because you might need to pay customs charges, if it's not paid within 14 days, your order will be returned back to us. LoveMelanotan is currently delivering parcels 'DAP' which means recipients are liable for any VAT/import duty payable within their own country.

Please be patient. Our teams are working as quickly as possible to get orders out, but please understand that there may be delays. We are still aiming to ship your order within 24 hours but Royal Mail is very busy during this time and deliveries are delayed. 

All orders are usually shipped the next working day, this excludes national bank holidays.

If you purchase from us you are guaranteed to either receive your product or a full refund if the order is not delivered for any reason.

Shipping times

UK: 2-3 business days

Europe: minimum and usually 10 working days, but not guaranteed.

Rest of the world: minimum and usually 15 working days, but not guaranteed.

There have been cases when the parcel is delivered after 30 days of shipping. Nothing to do with us.

We use only regular airmail postal services, they do not give guaranteed delivery times, but they are cheap. We don't make money on shipping, what you pay for shipping is what it costs.


For those who are new to ordering research chemicals online, it is important to understand that all packages are subject to refusal when entering a country’s border. This is by no means a cause for concern. It is your customs' job to accept or deny the mail coming into the country and this especially applies to research chemicals. As there is no way for them to know whether the product is legitimate, the customs officer will usually return such parcels to the sender.

You should also know that Melanotan is not a controlled drug and you don't get in trouble for ordering it online.

Refunds and Re-shipping

If your parcel is refused to enter the country, it will be returned to the sender, this is usually a lengthy process, but you can request a refund or re-shipping as soon as your tracking number shows that it is being returned back to us.

Sometimes tracking number will stop updating at some point (possibly lost parcel) and if not delivered you can request reshipping or refund after 30 days of the original shipping date.

If you have no tracking number you will have to wait 30 days from the day of shipping to request a refund or reshipping.

While 95% of regular airmail parcels are delivered on time, there is 5% that are delayed for various reasons.

If you are ordering Melanotan for your holiday, wedding, or any other important occasion, please order well before the needed date, allowing time for re-shipping.

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